The Texas Retired Teachers Foundation (TRTF) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that works to provide resources for retired TRS annuitants, as well as active and beginning teachers. All donations made to TRTF are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.

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If you would like to donate to multiple funds or split gifts, you must do so separately by completing the first donation and then beginning a new one. You will receive a receipt for your tax records within 2 weeks of your donation.

Annual Fund

TRTF works to solicit and increase funds for programs set forth by the Board of Trustees. Sources of revenue will continuously be pursued to meet program goals and the establishment of a permanent and growing endowment. TRTF has provided more than $480,000 in aid to educators all across Texas since 2008. Your donation to the Annual Fund allows TRTF to determine where funds are needed most.

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A Helping Hand

TRTF provides emergency assistance to Texas public education retirees with critical needs through “A Helping Hand.” This program began in 2010 and has provided more than $127,000 to 126 retirees in aid since its inception.

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FIRST-YEAR Teacher Scholarships

This program rewards students who have completed their college education and are about to enter the classroom as professional educators for the first time. $18,000 has been given to 24 recipients college graduates/first-year teachers since 2017.

Donate to the First-Year Teacher Scholarships

Classroom Assistance Grants

This program helps teachers improve the learning environment for students by giving $500 towards projects, learning platforms, software, and much more. Since 2008, TRTF has provided $78,000 in grants to active educators all across Texas.

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Disaster Relief

This fund helps TRTF be prepared should a large-scale disaster strike, allowing the Foundation to be ready to aid retired and active educators in need at a moment’s notice. During Hurricane Harvey, TRTF distributed $161,609.94 to 500 active and retired educators.

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Lehr-Pritchard "A Helping Hand" Endowment Fund

To ensure that adequate resources are available in the future to fund “A Helping Hand,” TRTF created the “Lehr-Pritchard Endowment Fund,” with earnings from the endowment being dedicated to the program for the future needs of retired educators experiencing critical emergencies.

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