TRTF Board of Trustees

I worked at Katy ISD as its Communication Coordinator and Educational Writer in the Public Information Office. I worked with the Houston area media and the public--answering questions and solving problems. I wrote speeches  for the superintendent, trustees and other administrators. I designed and wrote brochures, and sent out numerous Katy ISD press releases.

My goal was to keep the public informed, not only parents and students, but also those who had no connection to the schools and to get the local businesses involved with working with the schools and teachers.

My favorite program is "A Helping Hand" because many of our TRS retirees receive small pensions and no Social Security benefits. From my experience as District IV president and working with the Legislature regarding changes to the TRS pension, I became aware of the numerous retirees who needed financial assistance and were too proud to ask. This program has been a lifesaver for many and I hope many more in the future.

As a journalist, I was not a classroom teacher. However, when I was complaining about always having to write about difficult subjects, my first editor told me that journalists were teachers. We investigated situations and explained it to our readers in a way they could understand. I always remembered that and it guided my work at Katy ISD. I would like to be remembered as one who was dedicated to looking at both sides of a story, seeing a need and lending a helping hand.