Privacy Policy

Donor Information

Personal or financial information held by the Foundation which is given in confidence by, or collected by the Foundation staff about donors or prospective donors will not be released to the public except to the extent required by law. Requests for such releases are to be referred to the Foundation President. 

Information About Gifts

The Texas Retired Teachers Foundation will publish in its annual report the names and general giving levels of donors who have made contributions during the previous reporting period on an annual basis provided the donor has not asked to remain anonymous. The Foundation may on occasion prepare press releases regarding gifts and their uses, as well as the donors for public relation purposes. All such information and releases will be communicated and shared with the donor.

Information About Finances

Information regarding the Foundations finances will be made public in accordance with IRS 501(c)(3) and Form 990. The Foundation’s annual audited financial statement will be published in the annual report which will be available on the website.