West Relief Fund News

The remaining dollars donated to the West Relief Fund, which assisted residents affected by the West explosion, have been distributed.

As you know, TRTA members joined together in April 2013 to raise funds to benefit retirees and active teachers who live in West, Texas after a fertilizer plant explosion caused significant damage to homes and schools in the small town north of Waco.

The Foundation raised over $41,500, awarding $29,000 in grant monies to retirees and active school personnel for such needs as car and home repairs. TRTF also donated $6000 to the Legacy West Education Foundation to assist West ISD teachers and students with classroom needs.

The remaining amount of $6500 was presented to Dr. Jan Hungate by TRTF Trustee Ronnie Jung during the 61st Annual TRTA Convention Foundation Luncheon as a donation to the West Education Foundation (which supports West ISD teachers and students).

Dr. Jan Hungate shared a presentation with the luncheon attendees, revealing the plans for rebuilding the school. The funds donated by our members and given to the West Education Foundation are helping in this effort.

The school, which will house both the West High School and Middle School students, is scheduled to open in January 2016. Learn more about the reconstruction progress by visiting the Restore West ISD website.