Simple Fundraising Ideas

Six Simple Local Unit Fundraising Ideas

Help the Foundation raise $100,000 from now until the end of the year!

As your local units celebrate Foundation Month and raise funds to support educators of the past, present and future, here are some quick and easy methods to get your members involved and encourage them to donate!

Did your local unit have a unique fundraiser for TRTF this year? SHARE your ideas with us! Be sure to send a photo and we will feature your unit on the Foundation website.

Donation Jar

Reverse Raffle: A reverse raffle is a raffle your local unit members will not want to win! At your fall local unit meeting, provide every member with a free raffle ticket. Tell them they are automatically eligible for a special prize. If they don't want to be eligible, they can "sell" their ticket for $1 to $10. Why would they want to get rid of their ticket? Because when their ticket is drawn, they will have to perform an embarrassing task, such as singing a silly song or wearing a funny hat or costume. All ticket stubs are placed in a container from which one "lucky" number is drawn. Hold the drawing early to ensure that the "lucky winner” is present!

Donation Container: This is a straightforward cash collection fundraiser. You may use old coffee cans or purchase plastic containers from your local dollar store, and cover them in bright colored paper or place a label on them. Some district and local unit presidents place a container on every table at meetings to collect funds for the foundation!

Adult Spelling Bee: A classic childhood competition could be a great fundraiser. Many TRTA members may enjoy a grown up spelling bee! You can either collect an entry fee to raise money, or charge an “admission fee” to the audience. You may even use the official spelling bee rules, such as asking for a definition of a word and using it in a sentence! ( You can use easier words for the first few rounds, and use more difficult words as the bee progresses. For ideas on what words to use in your competition and study guides, visit Spell It! at

Craft Fair/Bake Sale: Craft fairs and bake sales are common fundraising techniques that call for your members to create an item or bake a delicious goodie. The proceeds earned from selling wares and snacks could then be donated to the Foundation.

Grab Bag: Have members donate inexpensive items, anything from used books to gag items. Place each item in a paper bag and seal all the bags. No feeling or shaking of bags is allowed! Decide what to charge per bag—a few dollars is appropriate. Supporters pay the fee and then choose a bag. They won't know whether they're getting a real treasure like a great cookbook, or a silly item like a rubber ducky. That's part of the fun! You can even include scratch-off lottery tickets to make the buying more competitive and fun!

Bake-less Bake Sale: The bake-less bake sale is exactly what it sounds like! Other organizations have used the following terminology to promote their bake-less bake sale: “You are invited to NOT bake a cake, pie, cookies, or brownies. You do NOT have to find the recipe. You do NOT have to shop for the ingredients. You do NOT have to cook. You do NOT have to wash dishes. You do NOT have to clean up your kitchen. You can write a check for $10.00 to the Texas Retired Teachers Foundation and stay home and enjoy doing something yourself or with your family instead!”

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