Hurricane Harvey Assistance

The Texas Retired Teachers Foundation (TRTF) is raising funds to provide financial assistance for retired and active educators impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Thank you to our generous donors for their contributions and willingness to help their fellow retirees and pre-retirees.

Thanks to the generous funds provided by our donors, TRTF already has provided financial assistance to 400+ retired and active educators who are victims of Hurricane Harvey!

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You may also mail in your donation to: TRTF, 313 E. 12th Street Suite 220, Austin, TX 78701.

Types of Assistance and How to Request Help

TRTF will be disbursing funds for Hurricane Harvey recipients via two methods: 1. The Disaster Relief Fund Short-Term Assistance and 2. Disaster Relief Fund Long-Term Assistance.

Disaster Relief Fund: Short-Term Assistance

The Texas Retired Teachers Foundation (TRTF) Disaster Relief Fund has received more applications than there are funds available. At this time, TRTF is no longer able to accept applications for short-term disaster relief. All funds have been obligated.

TRTF is in the process of reviewing all completed applications. This process may take up to two weeks. TRTF will be able to respond to inquiries about whether or not grants were approved at that time.

Disaster Relief Fund: Long-Term Assistance

Donors familiar with our emergency assistance program, “A Helping Hand,” know that the program provides grants on behalf of recipients for items such as home and vehicle repairs, medical and dental bills, hearing aids, and many other emergency needs. Through this program, TRTF pays vendors on behalf of aid recipients, usually up to $1000, or more in exceptional cases. Similarly, the long-term assistance request through the TRTF Disaster Relief Fund will require that the recipient have access to their home in order to take photos of damage, and also requires that a bill or bid from a vendor be included (or a copy of the insurance policy demonstrating the cost of the deductible to be met). Also similar to "A Helping Hand," funds will be disbursed to the vendor, not the grant seeker. TRTF will be able to offer long-term assistance for Hurricane Harvey victims through the Disaster Relief Fund until all funds are expended. Funds are very limited for this program, so please follow the directions carefully in order to have your application reviewed by the committee.

You must have Adobe Reader to download the application.Click the link to download the application, save it to your computer, fill it out, save it again, then email the form to

  • Download Long-Term Application Here
  • Instructions and Guidelines for Long-Term Assistance:
  • Be sure to read DRF Long-Term Assistance Guidelines and DRF Instructions for Applicants completely before filling out an application. DO NOT PUT “SELF” AS THE VENDOR, OR YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE DENIED. YOU MUST BE WORKING WITH A LEGITIMATE COMPANY, BUSINESS, OR CONTRACTOR TO RECEIVE FUNDS FROM THE LONG-TERM PROGRAM. If you have questions about how to fill it out properly, please send an email to

Have Questions?

If you are seeking assistance and are not sure which program you should apply for, please call TRTF at 1.800.880.1650 and ask for Cindee Sharp or send an email to