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Our program focuses on maximizing donor dollars. A donation to the TRTF Tutor Program helps students, schools, educators, parents, communities, AND retired teachers! There is no other endeavor where one donation helps so many groups at the same time! The TRTF Board of Trustees will maximize your donation by building the best, most effective tutor program Texas has ever seen.

When you donate to the TRTF Tutor Program, we can:

  • Pay a retired teacher for their professional tutoring services;
  • Provide free tutoring hours to school children;
  • Improve students’ academic achievement;
  • Help educators by providing students with learning support from certified retired teachers; and
  • Bring hope and support to Texas parents!
Large gifts (any amount over $5,000) cannot be accommodated online. Instead, please mail your check payable to TRTF to: Texas Retired Teachers Foundation Attn: Tutor Program | 313 E. 12th Street, Suite 220 | Austin, Texas 78701. For any questions, please contact us at 1.800.880.1650.

These are unprecedented times. We have a responsibility to think bigger and do more than ever! Imagine the difference we can make together by connecting thousands of Texas retired teachers with our students and schools. We have the talent and tools. Now, we need the resources. Thank you for your contribution to the TRTF Tutor Program..

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